Brett & Co.


Brett & Co. is a fermented food venture made in Mendiolaza, Córdoba (Argentina), in which vinegars, sauerkraut, condiments, dressings and the wonderful kombucha are produced.

The founders aim to bring fermented foods to the high-quality gastronomy market by characterizing Brett & Co. products as traceable products.

La fermentación es la acción transformadora de los microorganismos y en ese proceso suceden cosas increíbles: hay cambios químicos, movimiento, transmutación y... ¡burbujas!

In the creation of the visual identity, illustration was used to represent the fermentation processes that occur in Brett & Co. food. Movement, mutation, textures and transformation are perceived. In addition, the illustration allows varied applications that give dynamism to the brand.

There is sobriety through neutral and strong colors: black and white. In addition, this allows the bright colors of food to be used as an important visual feature on packaging.

The fonts of the logo are sans serif for the name, which refers to the young and restless spirit of the brand, and serif for the anchor, due to the sober character of Brett & Co.



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