Visual identity design for Superamphibio, a coffee house in the city of Córdoba, which also invites meetings and relaxation.

An amphibian is an animal species that is adapted to both water and land habitats. And a superamphibian is, in addition to the above, a fantastic and eccentric animal, the fruit of the imagination of a child who gave the place its name.

The logo is typographic, in which the characters vary between upper and lower case, maintaining a harmony between them and achieving a uniform and clean image.

The icon is incorporated into the logo, although it is also implemented only in various applications. It is a synthesis between a superamphibian eye and a coffee bean.

The color palette refers to coffee and the eccentric that is reflected in the pink that is very prominent in the visual identity.

There is a place for the organic because Superamphibio proposes to be a space for enjoyment, inspiration, connection with the environment that has a lot of nature, where the community that inhabits it also contributes to its imprint.

In the development of the visual identity, it was important to work from simplicity to talk about authenticity and closeness with customers, while addressing the idea of ​​rarity and a touch of eccentricity.



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